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Brazilian midfielder Oscar The results have triggered a debate in Australian football as to what can be done to help A-League clubs, who are constrained by the salary cap, compete in Asia at a time when their rivals are spending big to sign bonafide stars like Carlos Tevez, Hulk and Oscar. Aloisi admitted the Roar were totally outplayed by Ulsan, but said the impact of playing their ninth match in little more than a month a workload he believes has triggered some of their injuries could not be ignored. This is the reality weve got, that the scheduling does not help us, at all, Aloisi said. Im sure FFA, after seeing our result and a few other results, will look to revisit it for next season because theyve made it virtually impossible for not only ourselves, but the other teams. You dont want to look for too physician home equity loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 many excuses, but I fully believe if we had our best side out, we could give anyone a game in Asia. I dont think thats a reflection on our league, I think its a reflection on our travel and the injuries weve had in the last month. Playing within 72 hours of games doesnt help our players to recover. Thats the reality, thats not looking for excuses. FFA rarely bows to requests from clubs competing in the AFC Champions League to reschedule A-League games because of broadcasting requirements. It has been a sore point for Aloisi, whose side tackled consecutive away trips to Shanghai, Melbourne and Perth in the space of 10 days earlier this month.

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